Our experience and success with PPA (Professional Photographers of America) print competition makes us the choice of hundreds of Master Photographers.
Printed and mounted to PPA specifications, we have the experience to help you every step of the way.

Work Print
By ordering a work print you are able to see the printing of your competition print without the end cost. These prints are watermarked with WORKPRINT across the image. Full Service work prints include a color corrected CD for you to order your final print from.

Self Service
Self Service allows the studio to control all processing including retouching and print density. No corrections or adjustments are made by ACI to your prints. These prints are not viewed under competition spotlights, upgrade tofull service prints for this service. This service is a 1 day lab time.

Full Service
ACI will perform the color and density adjustments to your prints. They will be reviewed under competition spotlights to ensure proper density. You can order a full service work print which includes a color corrected CD of your image to order your final print from. This service is a 2 day lab time.

Choose from 2 paper options, F surface and Metallic. F surface is the standard in the industry printing with the blackest blacks.Spray is not recommended on the high gloss F surface print. The competition mount is Sintra mount board. This is a plastic type mount which is black all the way through and will not warp. Sintra is much harder than the foam boards - making it much more difficult for the mounted print to get scratched or dented. This mount meets the PPA standards for competition prints.

Competition prints are not valid with any specials.

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Competition Prints