American Color Imaging is the industry leader in Special Events packaging and printing, having provided this service to photographers for over 20 years.
Puzzles are the perfect add-on to any promotional package as well as optional marketing pieces.
No sports or dance package is complete without the photo button. Sold as a stand alone, or as part of a package our buttons are the highest quality in the industry.
Various memory mate templates are available through our ordering software, taking the guesswork out of large group photography.
Trading cards can increase your bottom line for any sports package. Our wide selection of templates gives you and your client dozens of options.
Printing on both back and front of the card creates that “professional” look any young athlete or dancer will want.
Magazine covers are perfect for framing and easy to order.

The subject matter is unrestricted! Negatives or files are accepted. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines in shooting and ordering.

  • Design up to 15 packages with a minimum of one unit per file. Trading cards, one magazine cover, two buttons or 1 magnet meet the minimum order per file or negative.
  • We will edit to best pose at no charge if you agree to accept our editor’s decision.
  • Each file is individually analyzed.
  • Dry mounting and art services are available.
  • Submit files in .jpeg format at 250 dpi.
  • An ICC profile must be embedded with each image. If a color space is not embedded, sRGB will be assumed. NOTE: Most cameras capture in sRGB
  • If you wish to create package printing, set up each file as an 8x10
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A la carte
1x2 8up
1x2 16up
2x3 4up
2x3 8up
3x5 1up
3x5 2up
3x5 4up
4x5 2up
4x5 4up
4x6 1up
5x7 1up
5x7 2up
8x10 Memory Mate
10x13 Memory Mate
6x9 calendar
Trader cards 8up
3" button 1up
3" button 2up
2.75x3.25 magnet
3.25x4.75 magnet
Keychain 1up
Keychain 2up
3" mirror
8x10 puzzle
8x10 magazine cover
Sport 3x5/7x5
Plain 3x5/5x7
Plain 5x7/7x5
Plain 5x7/10x8
8x10 Sports Mat (Broadway)
10x13 Sports Mat (Broadway)
5x7 Easel Mount/Group Folder
8x10 Easel Mount/Group Folder
5x7 Prom Folder
8x10 Prom Folder