Our expert art staff can handle your retouching requests down to the letter. They specialize in creating the perfect portrait for you everytime.
From skin softening to blemish removal, retouching adds the perfect finishing touch to any portrait.
Removal of braces is just another of the retouching services that can make a difference in the level of your senior photography.
Got a family portrait that needs a little addition or subtraction? Let our retouching experts create the perfect portrait for you.
Background help makes the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait.
Most portrait mishaps can be easily corrected by our expert staff of retouchers.

Complete retouching and restoration services are available. ACI’s standard facial retouch consists of neutralizing skin blemishes, softening shadows under eyes and softening age lines in the face and neck.

Some other types of non-standard retouching are available – such as removing moles or braces etc. and that pricing is set.

Extensive corrective artwork and/or restoration are available on a quote basis.