Get ready for the fall 2019 Underclass season!

Read below for our updated information.

ACI is looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year! We appreciate the business of our returning school customers and we are looking forward to working with you and all the new ACI customers this fall. ACI has made updates to workflow, processes, and products along with that will enhance your customer experience, workflow, and order accuracy. Continue reading below to see what’s changed!

If you haven’t heard of yet, it is ACI’s FREE web hosting site for our volume photographers. OrderSchoolPix is a website that allows your clients to prepay for their orders online, as well as online proofing and reorders! Please contact ACI’s helpful Customer Service at 800.728.2722 if you are interested in more information or getting registered to use this FREE service. Click here to see a quick overview on how you can use OrderSchoolPix for your studio. If you are not using OrderSchoolPix, you’re missing out!

To update your FLOW  (non-green screen) lab catalog (PUD) within the software, follow these steps. Once you open the software, go to the CATALOG tab. Select LAB CATALOG to retrieve your updated PUD file.

In FLOW, we request when exporting your project that you use the ImageMatch Export. When in your project, the option is in the upper right corner. It’s a light grey box with a red arrow that points up. Ensure everything is as shown below to export what is required for ACI. This is the best way to provide ACI with all of your data and images.

What do the units look like in the PUD? Click here for a PDF of visual representations and descriptions of the products and units offered in your packages. Look closely! Some of your favorite products and prints may have a new look!

For questions or support on these software, contact PhotoLynx at 790.787.1177 or click here for their website support page. Click here for training videos of the PhotoLynx software on their YouTube page.

Helpful Hint: When creating your packages, be sure to use full units whenever possible. If you are offering four 3.5×5 prints, instead of ordering quantity two of 2up 3.5×5’s, order the full unit of 4up-3.5×5’s. The pricing will be a better deal for you. A half unit cost is $0.77 and a full unit $1.18.

ACI currently offers 45 free green screen backgrounds. You can find these by clicking here. Reminder: the standard green screen extraction charge is $0.28, includes standard head and shoulders and ¾ length. The complex extraction charge is $1.50 and done at the lab’s discretion. This includes groups of 6 or more, problematic shadows/wrinkles and full-length extractions. For any orders requesting a rush, the green screen rush charge is an additional $0.28 per extraction.

If you have any new green screen backgrounds that need to be added to your green screen folder, they must be received at the lab prior to August 16th, 2019. Options for submitting your backgrounds include:
1. Upload them to your FTP folder. Please notify the lab when you have done this.
2. Log into your account at Click on MY ACCOUNT and use the SEND FILES feature, select the recipient Underclass Green Screen Backgrounds.
3. Mail them to the lab on a CD/DVD.
4. Be sure the background files are in sRGB color space, 8×10@ 250 dpi.

If you are an ImageMatch customer, download the updated PUD file; you will find it by clicking here, and selecting PUD file for PhotoLynx Software. This must be done prior to creating any new orders to send to ACI. If you have submitted new green screen backgrounds and you are an ImageMatch customer, an updated PUD file will be emailed to you. If you are a FLOW customer, you will be notified when the Lab Catalog has been updated with your backgrounds and is ready to update in FLOW.

If you are using FLOW with an ImageMatch export and you previously used green screen through FLOW, then you must follow these steps prior to updating your PUD file. Click here and go to the section “Instructional Documentation For PhotoLynx Software”. Click on “FLOW” and download the “READ FIRST: Important Information On FLOW” file.

If you are new to ACI, we strongly advise to send in your camera and green screen tests using our Underclass ROES Volume software (MyACI-Volume) prior to submitting a live order. Send in five to ten images for ACI to test. ACI will test the ease of the extraction for your green screen images and/or check the color, file quality, etc. Be sure your green screen background has consistent lighting and no wrinkles. Click here for a quick video on how to submit your green screen test order.

To better serve all customers we have a policy in place to handle rush orders. Any order needing less than regular lab time will need to be approved one week prior to the lab receiving the order. All orders approved for a rush may incur rush charges.

We look forward to partnering with you to once again make this underclass season a success!

Thank you,





Mark Lane, President