Michele Celentano

M. Photog., CPP


After 21 years of experience, Michele’s passion for transforming her photography into works of art only continues to grow.

Michele was awarded her Craftsmen Degree from the Professional Photographers of America and the Accolade of Photographic Mastery from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Her artwork has been published in literary works such as Rangefinder, American Photographer, Shutterbug and Studio Photography.

Michele is one of an elite group of photographers to be  contracted by Canon USA to represent their company as a spokesperson for the Explorers of Light program.  Only 50 photographers nationwide hold this honor.

Michele has been featured in numerous advertisements for Canon and their professional line of cameras. In addition to running her portrait business full time, Michele continues to travel internationally to teach and lecture on the subject of professional photography.


Michele’s Programs

Wedding Photography and Running a Marathon…..

Having done both – I would estimate that running a marathon might be easier than shooting a wedding.

In order to excel and be a great wedding photographer you have to be great at a lot of things. Taking good pictures is only one small element required for wedding photography.

Here is a job description for a wedding photographer-

Wedding Photographer needed:

Must have experience

Experienced in sales, marketing, book keeping, accounting, invoicing and receivables.

Must be well organized

Must have great people skills

Must be able to direct large groups of drunk people

A PhD in family physiology and child development is helpful

You must be familiar with different cultures and wedding traditions

You must have backup equipment and in most cases an assistant

You must never get sick on a wedding day

Being able to carry heavy cameras is also

You must also have excellent computer skills (Culling, editing, Lightroom and Photoshop)


You must be willing to dedicate nearly 40 hours to each wedding…..


Are you tired just reading the list? Great wedding photographers are truly are unique breed that require special skills technically and personally.


Spend sometime with Michele Celentano, Canon Explorer of Light. With 25 years in the photography industry she will help you navigate the wonderful crazy wedding industry. Find balance between shooting, editing, family, personal time and making a great living doing what you love.