Jessica & Brian Baer

Brian: M.Photog., Cr. PPA National Award, PPN Past President, PPN Diamond Fellow, 4x PPN of Senior Photographer of the Year
Jes: M.Photog., Cr. PPA National Award, PPN Past President, PPN Diamond Fellow, 2017 PPN Photographer of the Year


Jessica & Brian Baer combined their photography studios and styles the summer of 2018 into Baer Studios in Kearney, Nebraska.  Prior to the new adventure, they completely rebranded the entire aesthetic of their studios into one cohesive brand to bring two businesses together.  Lots of planning and time was poured into the new Baer Studios and success followed. Sadly just one year later, a 500 year flood ripped through their home AND studio. Strong homes, relationships and even business are built on solid foundations. Even in the wake of this epic natural disaster, their foundations didn’t budge. They want to share their story with you, and to show you how they started over without starting over in their class.

Brian and Jes are accomplished award winners on the state and national levels. They are active in the Professional Photographers of Nebraska where they both served as PPN Past President and earned the PPN Diamond Fellow. Jes received the PPN Photographer of the Year in 2017, and Brian is a 4x PPN Senior Photographer of the Year. Both received their “Master Photographer” degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, as well as the PPA National Award.

Their favorite ACI products include Photographic Prints, Premium Vinyl Banners, 2×3 Accordion Books, 5×7 Postcards, and Business Cards.



Brain & Jessica’s Programs

Revitalize Your Studio: Innovative Business Strategies and Seasonal Marketing from Veteran Owners

Brian and Jes teach classes that focus on business strategies and marketing for photographers, particularly those running their own studios. Here’s a breakdown of the types of classes they offer:

  • Business Reinvigoration: They teach how to rejuvenate a photography business without the need for a complete overhaul, as reflected in their workshop “You Don’t Have to Start Over to Start Over: Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook.”
  • Seasonal Marketing Strategies: Their classes include guidance on executing successful seasonal promotions that span from December through May, including high-volume events like Santa photography, pet promotions, and a cute kid contest.
  • Partnerships and Profitability: Brian and Jes also show how to design promotions that collaborate with non-profits, benefiting all parties involved financially and socially.
  • Operational Efficiency: They provide tips on organizational structure, role delegation within the business, and client management—all aimed at operating with intention and dedication to foster business success.
  • Practical Insights: Their teaching approach is direct and fluff-free, promising practical insights derived from over 40 years of combined experience in studio ownership.