Karah Sambuco

M. Photog., CPP


Karah is an award winning, PPA Certified Professional Photographer and second generation business owner. She has been competing at IPC since 2013 and earned her Masters in 2017. She’s had 2 bronze cases, 3 Loan Images and in 2016 she was named WV Photographer of the Year. The photographic art form holds her heart but business is her gift zone.

In 2011, Karah attended Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT.  In 2012, she built her studio as an addition to her home in rural WV. Foster Fine Art Portraits is located a half mile down a winding country lane in a town with a population of 20,000.

In 2013, she became a Mom and everything changed. As a Mom of 3 young children, she was committed to working less in order to be with them more but she wasn’t willing to sacrifice her paycheck. She was convinced there was a way to have both. Well, in 2016 she reached her ultimate goal. She now boasts a six figure studio working just a few weekends per year. Now, she is passionate about sharing her experience in this business with other photographers in order to show them that photography is an amazing way to make a living.

Karah’s Program

Getting Clients Into Your Studio

Karah spent years looking outside her industry to find out how to apply the marketing concepts of other industries to photography. Although, she had to look outside the photography industry to find the tools to market her business successfully, she is forever indebted to the people she’s met through PPA and that’s why she started this course. This course is an actionable way for photographers to get clients into their studio. It’s a way for Karah to give back to all the photographers who are frustrated with the vague, generalized, ‘keep-you-busy’ answers when asking “but how do you get clients?”

Learn from someone who is relevant now. Someone who is in the trenches now. Someone who is marketing, shooting and selling to clients in the current photography climate.

You’ll quickly find out that Karah DOES and THEN she teaches. She teaches you exactly what she’s doing that has made her a six figure studio working just a few weekends per year. She tells you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who to target it to.  This is VERY different than most photography education out there, which is often more conceptual.

You’ve never seen anything so straight-forward and so simple that has so much potential.