Kris & Scott Kelly


Scott and Kris are the owners of S. Kelly Photography in Dubuque, Iowa.  They are an inseparable husband and wife team who have been married over 25 years. Their studio, in business for more than 15 years, has a rich history of wedding and portrait photography. They now choose to focus their time on family, high school senior and boudoir portrait art.

Scott brings the technical skill and experience to the studio while Kris has mastered the art of sales and relationship building. Together, they run a lucrative home based studio.

Scott and Kris have lectured across the United States at local, regional and personal workshops. They are both members of PPA and the Professional Photographers of Iowa (PPI), hold their BIZ Degree and Scott is currently serving on the board of directors as Vice President.

Kris & Scott’s Programs

Building Customer Relationships for Profit

The journey your customer engages in from the first time they interact with your brand through having their final product delivered and installed, impacts the sales process. By building value and experience throughout this process you can increase your average sale and overall profit.

During this program we will look at the importance of how mindset will not only make or break your sale but how it impacts your overall business.

We will explore how to find, cultivate and sell to your ideal customer. Using the strategy of a portrait consultation to understand the customers wants and needs, we will show you how to create value and instill the desire to purchase. Finally, we will discuss ways to create an experience that your customer will fall in love with.

By understanding how the sales process is entwined with the customer experience, we will help you connect your current systems with a more profitable way of working with customers to achieve a sale you both will enjoy.