Aletha Speakar


Aletha Speakar began her career in photography over 30 years ago. Learning from the ground up, she has proven herself many times over. Along the way she has shared her knowledge as a “business educator” helping others with solid business principles and ideas.

She is working to provide accurate and standardize business education for studios in this interesting and challenging times. This body of work has now been recognized by PP of Iowa in their BIZ program, to improve the small studios survival rates and opportunities to make a profit.

Understanding the business of the business makes it possible for a studio to recognize areas of loss and gain and how to improve their bottom line. Working harder and working more is not the answer, learning to work less and smarter is truly the answer.

Aletha has spoken for national, regional, state and local affiliates, as well as the Texas, Maipp, Triangle, and the Kansas Schools. She is currently teaching a 16 week marketing class for Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa .

Aletha holds a PPA Photographic Craftsman, a degree as an Approved Business Instructor and Approved Photographic Instructor.