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Amy Zellmer

Cr. Photog


Amy Zellmer Cr. Photog. is the owner of Custom Creations Photography in Saint Paul, MN. In business since 1997, she has learned a few marketing and promotion tricks and tips along the way. She is a Past-President of the TCPPA and active member of PPA. In 2008 and 2011 Amy was named 2nd & 3rd place Wedding Photographer of the Year by the TCPPA; and has also won numerous awards for her photography and album designs. In 2010 she founded My Photo Biz Coach to help inspire and educate photographers to become the Rockstar Photographer that they intend to be.


Amy's Program

Easy Promotions That WORK!

In this class Amy will cover several easy promotions that she has implemented over the years in her studio. She will walk you through step-by-step how to run them successfully to bring in new clients and make some extra money during slower times in your business. She will cover pre-planning to launch to post-promotion, and she will share with you all the information you need to have a great marketing campaign for these promos, as well as how to track your numbers.


Getting To Gorgeous ~ A Boudoir Workshop

In this full-day program, will cover marketing, pricing, products, sales, retouching, posing, lighting and more! We will have a model to help demonstrate posing and lighting techniques, and you will also have the opportunity to photograph her and help build your portfolio! I will not hold anything back in this class, I want you to learn how to really jump-start this niche in your studio! 


Stop Sabotaging Your Business

In this class Amy will cover 10 strategies to help you overcome your fears and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your business. She will teach you how to consciously become aware of what is holding you back and how to begin to let go of it. She will help you learn how to build your confidence and client base and to charge what you’re worth!

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