Brian Baer

M.Photog., Cr.


Brian Baer, M.Photog., Cr. is owner and head portrait artist at Baer Photography in Kearney NE. While getting a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, Brian also studied and trained as both a photojournalist and a commercial photographer. In 1996 Brian settled in and became a self-employed portrait studio owner and portrait artist specializing in seniors. Brian’s goal each and every session is to reach in and discover, and then capture the spirit of each individual he photographs.

Brian is a member of PPA, ASP and is a past President of Professional Photographers of Nebraska. Brian has been recognized for service to the profession and award winning photography. Awards during his career include; PPA loan prints, Fuji Masterpiece awards, PPN Top 10 and Top 5 Master awards.

Brian’s teaching passion includes what his studio is best known for, “Rockstar Senior” photography. Plus, two equally important and often overlooked areas, business systems and marketing. Brian is one of our industry’s leading experts on Facebook and social media marketing. Brian’s studio has ranked in the highest top performing profitability category as defined by the every PPA benchmark study. During the national economic slowdown, his studio has seen continued growth and experienced their best years.


Brians Program

What does it take to become a ROCKSTAR SENIOR STUDIO?

(3-4 hour program)

Have you ever wondered…

Why is it that some studios who are known for being creative, and delivering top notch photography seem to have struggling businesses?

Why is it that some studios who have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to lighting and posing can do well and have a growing and successful studio?

What makes a rockstar senior studio? What’s under the hood? What makes it tick and run so smoothly?

A photography studio is much like a high performance 3 cylinder racing engine. If nursed along, it can run on a single cylinder. It’ll run rough when it goes and some days, no matter how hard you try, you won’t even get it started. If running on just 2 cylinders, you’ll get going most of the time, but beware of going up hills and mountains. You won’t have the sustained horsepower you need to make the long haul. Now if you’re running on all three cylinders, look out! You have just quadrupled your horsepower! You’re running at maximum speed and efficiency! No mountain is too step. And, you’re not putting any more energy or fuel into your engine either! This is called High Performance! You’re now a Rockstar!

So what are the three cylinders of a senior studio? They are…
Cylinder #1- Quality of your work – Posing & lighting
Cylinder #2- Business – Sales, systems, pricing, procedures and the ultimate client experience
Cylinder #3- Marketing – Total senior campaign

We will be covering all three areas with major emphasis on business and marketing.
We’ll share our proven systems and cover lessons we’ve learned and adapted from top business authors including: Seth Godin, Michael Gerber, Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins and Dave Ramsey.
For marketing, we’ll share our proven Rockstar Senior marketing campaign including our direct mail and internet campaign. In addition, we’ll be covering in depth how we’ve been winning with Facebook from the very beginning.

So come in for a tune-up or an overhaul. I promise you’ll leave revved up!

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