David Deutsch

M.Photog.,Cr., CPP


With over 30 years of training as a professional photographer, David has established himself as a true artist. His unique balance of edgy and classic style gives David an artistic advantage, enabling him to capture and create memories that other photographers may never dream of creating in their career.

He believes that artistic photographic images go beyond being in the right place at the right time. They should not only be technically excellent, but should evoke emotion and feeling as well. Creating these images requires the proper technique, experience, and most of all, talent.

David Deutsch holds the degrees of Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer, The Imaging Excellence award and is a recipient of  the Professional Photographers of America National Award. In addition, he has been named Photographer of the Year over nine times, and is a recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece and Kodak Gallery awards.

David has been a photographer his entire life, recalling one of his earliest childhood memories of how he tried to develop film in his parents’ bathroom with a sink full of water and a night light covered with a red shoe polish cap.  Needless to say, he was disappointed and surprised at the lack of results. After all, that’s how it worked on television.

Having images displayed all over the world and published in numerous books and magazines, David is eager to share what he considers the need to know ingredients to professional photography.


David's Programs

Professional Photography – Soup to Nuts

All great photographic images begin with certain principles at the foundation. If you want to rise above the rest, you need to understand WHAT these are, WHY they are important, and HOW they affect your images. Then you need to learn how to master them and make them work for you.

In this educational and entertaining seminar, you will spend the day with David learning tips and techniques that will change the way you approach your photography, which will directly and immediately affect the quality of the work you provide for your clients.


How to SEE and USE light to its fullest extent

Technical stuff, like lighting patterns and ratios

Effective positioning and posing

A revolutionary color correction technique to save time and money

How to use Photoshop as a tool and not a crutch

Creating your own brushes from your own images

More STUFF you probably didn’t know that you need to know!

So, come and learn ways to set yourself apart from the snap-shot shooters. But be sure to bring your camera, your laptop computer, and a flash drive for hands on assignments you will participate in throughout the day.

This presentation is geared to photographers at all skill levels who want to re-ignite the passion in their photography.

For a complete listing of programs or to tailor a topic for your needs, please contact David by phone or email

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