Doran Wilson

M.Photog., MEI.Cr., CPP F-ASP


Doran has been a professional photographer for thirty years. He has spent many years developing and perfecting his photographic style to what it is today. He is capable of providing excellent commercial work for his clients as well as fine art works to satisfy his creative hunger.

As a member of Professional Photographers of America, Doran has earned his Master of Photography degree, his Master of Electronic Imaging degree, and his Photographic Craftsman degree which puts him in a very exclusive group of photographers world-wide who have earned all three of these distinguished degrees. Through his membership in the American Society of Photographers, Doran was honored in 2008 as the 98th worldwide recipient of his Fellowship degree. Doran also promotes his profession by being involved in organizations such as American Society of Photographers and the CameraCraftsmen of America.

He served as president of PP of I in 1998, giving much of his time and talent to promote photography. In recognition for giving so much of his time Doran received the PPA National Award in 2002

Doran’s photography has been seen worldwide. His award winning photography has traveled with the Loan Collection of Professional Photographers of America and has been on display at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Many of his photographs also reside in private collections nation-wide. Doran has received the distinguished Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence eight times from Eastman Kodak Company, and has been recognized by the Fuji Company with five Fuji Masterpiece Awards. Doran has been one of the top ten photographers in Indiana for the past eleven years. He received the PPA Imaging Excellence Award in 2004, and as a crowning achievement, Doran was awarded the ASP Silver Medallion Award in 2006. He has spoken and judged at Photo World Asia in the Philippines and for the Professional Photographers of Korea, he has also judged for the Federation of European Photographers.



Doran's Programs

Commercial Photography in the Digital Era

Doran Wilson has been a commercial photographer in Fort Wayne, IN for twenty-seven year. His many clients include Zimmer, Peg Perego USA, Dana, Eaton, and Design Collaborative. His many assignments takes him thru out the US and Canada and his specialty is photographing medical devices andarchitectureHis background in art combined with his vast knowledge in PhotoShop gives him a creative edge in the world of commercial photography.

Doran will show you how to use digital technology to make some of today’s hottest products shots come to life. With the use of lighting and PhotoShop he will demonstrate the steps it takes to produce award winning commercial photographs. He will share how he transforms ordinary products into vibrant works of art for his clients.

Doran will also discuss how to quote and book a commercial assignment, how to work with art directors and how together they conceptualize and execute the assignment. Doran will give you tips on workflow and delivery of images in today’s commercial market.

Even if you are not a commercial photographer, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience that Doran has to share. You will be inspired by the beauty and precision of his work and you are guaranteed to pick up many tips and tricks in PhotoShop.

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