Jennifer Gilman, M.Photog.,Cr. CPP & Mark Garber M.Photog.,Cr. CPP



Together, Mark & Jennifer have become a very powerful and successful photographic team that  has received some of the Nations highest of photographic awards. The following list only touches the surface of some of their many award achievements.

•Eight Time PPA “Diamond Level” Photographers of the Year

•Four Time PPA “Platinum Level” Photographers of the Year

•Two Time PPA “Top Wedding Album in the Nation”

•24 PPA “Loan Collection” Wedding Albums

•2 Time PPA NorthEast District “Photographers of the Year”

•Both Awarded the PPA “Imaging Excellence” Award

•Ten Time “Ohio Photographers of the Year”


Their Program


A Wealth Enhancement Wedding and Portrait Program

presented by

Jennifer Gilman, M.Photog.,Cr. CPP  &   Mark Garber M.Photog.,Cr. CPP

Program Sponsored by: ACI Lab

You’ve done everything that you were supposed to do…designed a logo, got a website, honed your photography skills and built up your portfolio.  So why is it so tough to get clients through the door to make those big purchases?

Ask most photographers and they’ll readily tell you they would rather be out photographing than stuck inside working on a marketing plan…”My work will sell itself.” Right!?  However, while those photographers are out playing, savvy studio owners with goals and plans are taking over your market.  So let’s quit being ‘starving artists’ and become the successful professionals that we are meant to be!  YOU CAN DO IT!  WE WILL HELP!

Whether you are a startup or have been in the business for years, Mark and Jennifer will FILL (Yes, FILL!) your brain, notebook and checkbook with tons of easy to implement moneymakers that will set you on the course for longterm success.  There are NO 30 minute bios, touchy-feely kumbaya ideologies or cliche, overly simplified marketing generalities in this program.  We’ll give you all the how-to and tools to grow your business overnight.

Come and see why Mark and Jennifer have changed the lives and businesses of many photographers just like you and be apart of what two photography conventions called the best wedding and portrait program ever given to their association. “We guarantee to uplift your marketing, sales and success.”

So don’t miss out on this program…….it will change your business lives forever!

See samples of their incredible images at:

The Nuts and Bolts

•The program length is 2.5 hours.

•The program cost is $1,750.00, plus airfare for both Jennifer and Mark and hotel room for the days that we are needed. ACI is our program sponsor. Please contact Pat Cahill at or 800 728-2722 for sponsorship approval and the sponsorship request form.

•If you would like us to judge your event, Mark is a PPA Jury Chairman, and Jennifer is a PPA Juror. Both are wedding album qualified Jurors.  To judge, we ask for the same per diem as the other jurors and hotel of the extra days required.  We do ask that our program be the very next day after judging ends.  We make our living in our studio, not by giving programs.

•Mark & Jennifer fly out of Dayton, Ohio.  The airport code is DAY.

Contact Information

Mark Garber Photography
405 N. Main Street, Suite B
Springboro, Ohio  45066
e-mail:         Studio: 937 748-8445      Mark’s Cell:     937 604-8691

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