Mike & Tina Timmons


Michael and Tina have both been involved in photography since 1983 and joined forces in 2000, after owning individual studios. They own The Portrait Gallery and Gallery 143 in Michigan. The portrait studio specializes in family, children, high school senior portraits, and events. Gallery 143 offers customizable Fine Art Interior Décor, and services clients such as NASCAR, Hendricks Motor Sports, Drury Inns, McDonalds Restaurants, in addition to banks, hotels, doctors offices, individual businesses and private collectors. Competition printing is another service provided, with over 40 Photographers of The Year as clients.

Both are Master, Craftsman, CPP and Award of Excellence Degree holders through PPA, and have been named Photographer of the Year within the state multiple times. They have received awards such as Kodak, Fuji, Best of Show, Judges Choice, Top Ten (both state and regional), Four for Four, ASP State and Regional Elite Award, Michigan Service Award, numerous Loan collection images and PPA Photographer of The Year Pins. Michael has had four loan prints in 2003, 2008, and 2010 and Tina achieved that status in 2009. Michael has exhibited in The International Hall of Fame, Photokina in Cologne Germany, Epcot in Walt Disney, has been The MES Photographer of the Year three times, and has had four prints score 100. He has received the National Award and is a published poet and writer. In addition Michael was named a Fellow by the American Society of Photographers in 2010. Tina has been awarded the National Award, the MES Illustrative Award three times, The LexJet Award twice and was published in The New York Times Magazine.

Michael and Tina have lectured across the United States at local, state, regional, and international conventions in addition to numerous week long schools and personal workshops. They travel all over the world sharing their experiences, while continually photographing each location to add to their fine art library. Both are International Jurors through PPA, while Michael is a Jury Chairman. They traveled to Korea in 2009 to judge the PPK International Regional Print Competition, and just returned from France representing PPA at the WPC 2015 Event, in which Tina was a judge. Both have held numerous board positions and stay involved in every level. Michael currently serves on the PPA Executive Board of Directors as President and is also involved in two committees within. Tina is currently serving as President of PPA Charities, is the President of the Mid Michigan Professional Photographers Association, Past President of the Professional Photographers of Michigan, and is the American Society of Photographers State Representative. Sharing their knowledge with a large circle of photography friends has become a huge part of their life.


Michael & Tina's Programs

Demystifying Print Competition

Entering print competition can be one of the best forms of photography education. All phases of the process can change how you think about your work. Drawing upon their combined experiences as entrants, judges, and printmakers, Michael and Tina will discuss: the benefits of entering, how to select the right image, how to manipulate and present the image, and the criteria judges use to evaluate the image. Michael has served on the Photographic Exhibitions Committee and is also a Jury Chairman.

You will explore your availability to go “Beyond the Image” using digital technology. Image capture is just the beginning; it’s what happens next that separates average pictures into award winning images.

During this program prepare to become inspired to a new level of excitement. The technical aspects of photography will be discussed, but be aware that it will not stop there. Creating award winning images is not just happen-stance; they require thought, creativity, and planning.

So bring an open mind, heart and soul, and you will be taken into a world that can be rewarding, both personally and financially. The image is one thing, but what is beyond the image is truly amazing…..

Beyond Image Capture

In today’s economy it is important to diversify your portrait business to be the most profitable. Tina and Michael will show you how to photograph, manipulate, market, and sell, “customizable” images as Fine Art Interior Décor. Every home and business is an opportunity; each has a need for imagery to be used as décor. Subject matter is unlimited.

In this fast paced, high energy program, all secrets will be shared! These success stories, in addition to the pitfalls that starting a new endeavor can create, will hopefully save others much time and effort.

Together Michael and Tina have embarked on a journey that has brought many rewards, awards, and accolades from around the world. In addition to financial gain neither had anticipated, just by using their already honed photography skills from years of portrait experience. We all have the skills and talent to add this new product line, we sometimes just need a little nudge to do something different. The beauty is….. Each photographer will find and offer his or her own unique style with these easy techniques.

We encourage you to enjoy…….

Creativity Revisited Heart, Mind, and Soul

As you decide to attend this program remember that we are all unique human beings;   a product of our combined life experiences. We are all born creative;   some people just seem to be more artistic than others, able to open their minds to a more complete creative process.

Join Michael and Tina to unlock your hidden talents. Using audio and visual presentations we will share with you easy steps to help you re-connect with your inner child and re-establish a creative connection. This high energy program will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before, and could change your life, both in and out of photography. Bring an open mind and be included in the must see program of the year.