Pat Cahill

Cr. Photog.


Pat Cahill, Cr. Photog., is the CEO of Cahill Studios of Photography in Amery, Wisconsin. Joy Cahill , Pat’s daughter, is the General Manager at Cahill Studios which opened in 1978 . Cahill Studios photographs and processes more than 15,000 underclass students as well as 15,000 sports clients annually.

Also as the National Sales Manager of American Color Imaging, Pat deals with teaching independent studios the fundamentals of digital control along with file and data management in an underclass and sports setting. As a sought after platform speaker, Pat has lectured throughout the United States in the benefits of a volume business model as a way to even out cash flow and relieve some of the financial stress of a “seasonal” photography studio.

A past board member of the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association, Pat is an Honorary Fellow in the State of Wisconsin as well as a member of ASP, PSPA and SPAC. Pat and his wife, Merry, have five children and Pat is a former Investigator for the Polk County, Wisconsin, Sheriff’s Department.

Pat's Program

Studio Can Profit With Underclass and Sports


Years ago there were traditional studios and there were volume underclass and sports studios – nothing in-between. Even today many believe that is still true. Pat and Joy Cahill will show how change, challenge and achievement are the norms in their business. When a strong desire to increase studio profits is coupled with an underclass and sports, volume business model you can create a lucrative business.

In the program, Pat and Joy will show you how a “traditional studio” can:

  • Break into the underclass and sports volume market
  • Increase market share with personalized products
  • Control workflow for data based production
  • Get correct data from a school or league
  • Design personalized products for an automated workflow
  • Increase profitability by offering additional products and services
  • Keep the volume and profits coming back.

The three points you need know:

  • Underclass is no longer a “specialty”. Any studio can benefit and profit from underclass photography, even if your area seems to be “locked in” with contracts. Learn how your studio can own those contracts
  • You no longer need special equipment to make a profit. Your digital camera and a handful of media cards is all you need to get started
  • There’s gold in them thar’ schools. With an average student base of 20-25 students per classroom, even a small classroom is a guaranteed sell. Underclass school pictures are an established practice that no parent goes without. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to not only profit, but market to, these students and families.


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