Pierre Stephenson

M.Photog, Cr. CPP


Pierre Stephenson, M.Photog, Cr. CPP is the owner of the multiphotographer studio Pierre’s Portrait Art Company which, over the past 19 years has come to be recognized for it’s innovative style. His training started out in the studio with commercial large format photography, miles away from the Urbanist Portrait Journalism that has become his passion. Pierre’s unique approach has led to international awards, media attention, and his work has been published nationally in magazines including Professional Photographer, Modern Bride, PDN, Rangefinder, and more. He comes from a family of underwater photographers and is a certified underwater photographer. Pierre has taught seminars and workshops to professional photographers from around the world. He is a regular speaker at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) holding Masterclasses and “Night on the Strip” shoot outs at the MGM Las Vegas four years in a row, and lecturers around the country. Pierre teaches advanced location lighting classes at Madison College and is a founding mentor of the nLIGHTn Tour. Pierre is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer and was awarded PPA Silver Photographer of the Year 2010, Best of Show Weddings at WPPA 2009 and 2013, and has received both his Craftsmen and his PPA Masters degree.




Pierre's Programs

100,000 ISO

A Low Light Seminar

As technology continues to advance so does our capability as photographers. The improvements in image quality and low light sensitivity over the past several years has opened up a whole new world and is once again beginning to change how we shoot.

Join Pierre and delve into a world of mood, color, texture, and diminished lighting and learn how to master shooting without flash.The world is our studio as we apply new technology to time tested fundamentals to create stunning imagery.

We will explore:

• Weddings w/o flash

• The power of one light

• Alternative and guerilla lighting

• Extreme ISO’s

• Controlling dynamic range

• Moving beyond one light applications

• Hand holding shutter speeds of ¼ sec and slower

• When flash is still best

• Matching Intent

• Trade Offs

Taking the Plunge

Underwater Portraits Live

Add a whole new world to your senior, portrait or fashion work! Join certified underwater photographer Pierre Stephenson for a live underwater learning experience. He will share many different approaches to shooting and lighting underwater, a wide variety of equipment, and inexpensive alternatives for getting beautiful unique imagery. Work first hand and get the opportunity to jump in and shoot in waist level water with a model and backdrop as Pierre discusses everything from posing, lighting, lens choice, gear, and much more.

We will explore:

• Working with available light underwater

• Inexpensive alternatives

• Different housings options

• Using your existing equipment

• OCF lighting

• Underwater backdrops

• Lens choice, magnification and size

• Alternative lighting

• Buoyancy and control – wading, snorking and SCUBA

• Coordinating subject and posing underwater

• IOR, turbidity and lots of other techinical

• Safety considerations

The Missing Link

A Light Intensive Workshop

Many people think of studio and location lighting as very different beasts. Understanding the link and varying approaches to these two lighting camps will free you to shoot in any environment and use the best of both worlds in your photography. Start off the day with Pierre learning the fundamentals of light and portrait technique, and discussing different lighting challenges. Then spend the afternoon working with models, comparing and contrasting a wide variety of studio and location lighting techniques and equipment that will allow you to better master light and use it to create an infinite variety of moods to tell your story. The world is your studio with this hands-on light intensive workshop.

We will explore:

• Identifying the many ways in which light communicates

• Fundamentals of Light and Portrait Technique

• Understanding the Science of Light

• Matching Intent

• Visible vs Invisible Light

• Harnessing the Inverse Square Law

• Off Camera Flash

• Inexpensive Alternatives to High Spd Sync (HSS/FP)

• HyperSync and HSS

• One Light to Multi-Light Setups

• Light Modifiers

• Additive and Subtractive Lighting and Key Shifting

• Using the Sun

• Natural Modifiers

• Seeing and Controlling Ambient Light

Foundations For Posing

Understanding the human form is an essential skill for photographers. The best photojournalists know how to use this without ever having to interact with their subject. Pierre will share his techniques for hiding weight, toning and melding form with lighting to complete your vision. So, stop memorizing poses! From head to toe this interactive class will give you a solid foundation from which to work including: handling groups, perspective, spacing and much more. You will leave with skills that will immediately improve your photography.

You will leave knowing:

• How to slim larger subjects

• Control relative size and hide detriments

• Matching your lighting with your pose

• Setup dynamic groups

• Use perspective and lens choice to slim and compress

• Use of compositional guidelines and patterns in posing

• Hands off posing in your candid work

This is not a wedding specific program. You will learn skills that you will be able to immediately apply to all areas of your photography from seniors and fashion, to family and business portraiture, and weddings.



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