Rick Ferro

M.Photog., CPP


Is a Certified PPA Master Photographer and in 2002 Rick and his wife Deborah were honored with the Photography Service Award at the United Nations in N.Y. In 1993 thru 1996 he helped developed the Wedding Photography department for Walt Disney in Orlando.

In 2009 he came back to Disney as a contractor and is still now working for Disney Fine Art Production Co.

He also has a studio in Jacksonville, Florida.  He is an author with 7 books, and writer for the highly acclaimed reaching over 145,000 readers a month.

Rick is the most popular speaker on

To his credit his clients were the Miami Dolphins, Pepsi, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.

He produced eight educational videos for the Quantum Instruments Co. to name a few. He teaches worldwide, and his workshops in Jacksonville Florida have helped aspiring photographers young and old for years. Rick has just finished teaching again at WPPI; he has been with WPPI now going on 25 years in a row.

Rick specialties are teaching the Art of Romance, Hand posing, and Lighting. He has also been apart of SWPP for many years and hopefully for many more.


Rick's Programs

Progressive Posing, Lighting, and Marketing Ideas to take you to the top..

Posing and lighting is actually stronger than it was 10 years ago.

One of the Main reasons is that since Led lighting has popped into the scene and lights that read each other from across the room wirelessly there is a new learning curve for all us.

I am a senior photographer for the Disney Corporation in Orlando, and they are going through chances whether its new equipment or redesigning their albums.

In my Class you will learn some of the key parts of  Posing-Lighting-AND album Design

Progressive Posing: It’s a quick system that will take you from one pose to the next in seconds whether it’s hand posing or Body language.

The Lighting: LED or the new Phottix lights have made me even faster, by following just a couple of easy steps; you won’t even know I used lights.

Album Design: I hear photographers say this shot will look great in their album, not, they should be shooting the layout for the album so that all the pieces come together and give it the Disney Dreamy look during the actual event

Rick covers how to create a 15 mm image for the album and gives direction on layout

You don’t want to miss Rick’s expertise, Disney doesn’t

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