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LET’S DEVELOP with Chris Wooley!

FREE LIVE educational series brought to you by American Color Imaging.

Twice a month we’ll host a live webinar featuring a photography expert. They’ll share useful tips, tricks, and techniques for developing your photography skill set.  Each hour-long program will feature a different topic and perspective related to photography.

Let's Develop Webinars

FREE LIVE educational series brought to you by American Color Imaging. Register for upcoming webinars or watch past ones.

Check out the past webinars from 2021!

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Let's Develop: Perfecting Your Price List with Chris Wooley
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Let's Develop: LED Lights
Woody Photoshop Tip
Let's Develop: The Heart of an Artist Toni Harryman
Let's Develop Bryan Welsh
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Let's Develop: How to "Talk Dog"