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Tips and Tricks with the ACI Mentor Team




JAN 19, 2022


The ACI mentor team is coming together to share some of their favorite tips, tricks, and techniques.  Gary Box will share album sales strategies.  Lisa Asp will share 5 tips for successful dog sessions.  Scott and Kris Kelly will share secrets to $5k senior sales.  Woody Walters will share photoshop brush work ideas.  Charleen Larkwin will share tips on keeping a healthy business.  Dennis Hammon will share about the importance of using a color chart.  And More tips from other ACI mentors and ACI owner Mark Lane.

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

This is a star studded episode with the ACI Mentors sharing their favorite tips and tricks for photographers.  Professional Pet photographer Lisa Asp shares 5 tips for a smooth pet portrait session. Ella Carlson shares why the pen tool is her favorite in photoshop and how she embraces creativity as a process.  Charleen Larkin shares tips for keeping a healthy business. Woody Walters shares his approach to conceptual photography.  Kimberly Olker gives us the latest updates in Lightroom and the new masking techniques.  Dennis and Cheri Hammon illustrate the importance of using a color checking in your work.  Gary Box educates us on his “boomarang” sessions for increasing his senior sales average.