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Headshots: A process driven approach with Mike Price




FEB 02, 2022


Corporate headshot photography is a great way to break out of the consumer portrait rut and add a profitable and even enjoyable line of business to your business. Join Chris and Mike Price, Cr.Photog. as they point you down the path to successful corporate work. Mike will dig into a few of the common corporate portraiture types and zero in on how to build an offering around headshots in your business including developing your own pricing, finding (and expanding) clients, delivering your finished images, and setting yourself apart for others on more than just pricing. Mike will also share a little insight to how to make your corporate portrait experience more consistent, reliable, efficient, and faster to set up/pack up.

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

Mike Price provides a crash course into commercial portraits. He defines the differences between executive portraits, branding images, and headshots.  He then walks us through his approach to finding customers, including his “catfish vs. Bass” marketing.  He shows us his pricing structure, and walks us through his workflow and shooting set-ups, including how he does tethered shooting and onsite proofing. Mike also gives a few other tips and tricks and ideas to get started.  The program concludes with Q/A from the audience.