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Beyond Buzzwords: How Artificial Intelligence Helps Photographers with Aaron Hockley



MAR 02, 2022


We hear terms like AI and machine learning, but what does it really mean for a photographer who is working to make the most impactful images for their clients? Let’s take a look at what it means. We’ll start with a look at how we got to where we are with a quick summary of past innovations. Next we’ll explore the things that we can do today with AI in our cameras and software that help us be efficient photographers. Finally we’ll look to the future: is artificial intelligence yet another piece of the alleged downfall of photography, or is does it open up exciting possibilities in the coming years?

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

In this episode of Let’s Develop, professional photographer and author Aaron Hockley shares his experience an insight with Artificial Intelligence.  He examines how we, as photographers, use AI.  He briefly covers the terminology with AI, including machine learning, neural networks, and computational photography.  We look at how AI is used in cameras and smart phones.  Aaron discusses using AI for retouching and image enhancement.  Then we look at using AI for image management – including identifying faces, objects, and help culling.  Aaron then looks at the future of AI for photographers and gives advice on how to stay relevant and embrace AI to save time.