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Print Competition Pitfalls with Phaneendra Gudapati




MAR 16, 2022


In this webinar, learn how to visualize and avoid common Print Competition mistakes like banding, dust spots, discolorations, losing details in highlights and shadows, and more. PG will share his methods to pre-visualize these artifacts and how to avoid them.

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

In this episode professional photographer and judge PG shares his techniques for enhancing your images for print competition to avoid introducing sensor spots, banding, and discolorations.  He shows us the importance of a solar curve (and provides his action to help others).  This curve allows you to easily find imperfections hiding in your image.   He also goes in-depth to bit-depth, comparing 8bit to 16bit files and why he always uses 16 bit files.  PG also provides tips for reducing banding in your image.  Finally, PG shares his tips for getting accurate colors and avoiding discoloration in your images.