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Overcoming Sales Objections with Brent Watkins



APR 13, 2022


That’s too expensive! I need to talk to my husband!  Can we think about it?  You’ve heard all of these sales objections before.  But this time professional photographer Brent Watkins will share some of his insight on how to properly overcome common sales objections – so you can get the sale today and have satisfied clients.

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

In this episode, full time photographer and educator Brent Watkins shares his insight into making the sales process smoother by overcoming sales objections.  He stresses the importance of photography – and the importance of being a good photographer, business owner, and knowing your Cost of Doing Business.  He breaks down objections (specific issues) and Stalls (avoiding decisions) as well as illustrating the main reasons for these objections.  Brent gives us great insight into overcoming internal fears, avoiding confusion, and avoiding customer pushback.