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Intro to Photographic Restorations with Chris Paulis



JUN 8, 2022


We will explore the distinctive purposes and challenges of restoring photographs, considering what sets this discipline apart within the IPC Artist division. We will examine a number of damaged photos to speculate on the challenges they pose. Chris will share his general workflow and then walk through one or two of his recent restorations in a time-lapse fashion, where participants will see and learn about particular techniques that he finds productive and efficient. Our goal is to whet your appetite to step into this valuable realm of artistry that brings smiles to clients’ faces.

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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

In this episode, Professional photographer and grand imaging award recipient Chris Paulis goes over his restoration workflow. He shows us how to evaluate an image to determine the work that is needed. He then demonstrates several techniques on restoring images – from simple scratches and dust to creating new elements not present in the original image.