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Capturing The Soul of The Landscape with Jeff Johnson



Jul 6, 2022
5pm PST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST

So, you’ve mastered your camera and the exposure triangle. Your composition is solid. Now, you’ve taken the weekend off, time away from work and your family, you have driven several miles to your favorite location. You know the sunrises and sunsets will be magical over the landscape and that gorgeous waterfall, you can’t wait! You shoot and you shoot and you shoot. Then you look at your images on the camera’s monitor. Your heart sinks. You can’t believe your eyes . . . flat and lifeless. You load them to your laptop, same thing . . . boring! They are sharp and well exposed but not exciting. Your composition seems creative and inviting, but they just look dead! That pop and brilliance you expect is just not there. OMG . . . what have you missed? Jeff will share how he goes from planning and pre-visualization to post-processing successfully. Taking a RAW file to an AWE final presentation can be very exciting and rewarding.


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