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Unleashing Your Creativity with Passion Projects with Justin Tedford



JULY 20th, 2022
5pm PST | 7pm CST | 8pm EST


At one time or another as a photographer you will find yourself in a rut and uninspired! Maybe it is due to a long holiday season placing multiple orders and client shoots. It can be hard to get your spark back! Enter the world of projects. Projects can help rejuvenate and re-inspire your creative process and business. Justin will help inspire and start your journey with a personal project. During this 2 hour session we will explore what it takes to get started and succeed with the following topics and go through three of Justin’s long and short term projects he is working on!
Why are projects beneficial?
Planning short and long term projects
How projects can help you in your business Creating your purpose and goals for your project Benefits of a project
What I have learned
Where I have succeeded and failed


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