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with Bob Coates

AUG 4, 2021


If you always want your camera to be there for you in top notch condition you need to take care of it. Same thing with your computer processing station. Ever made prints that come back from the lab that were too dark? There’s a fix for that. Need better stitching for your panoramas? A fix for that too. We’ll talk about camera support, inside and out as well and answer questions about your issues.


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Show Notes & Webinar Recording

In this episode of Let’s Develop with Chris Wooley, professional photographer and educator Bob Coates shares practical tips and tricks for getting better images and taking care of your gear.  Bob outlines strategies for managing your batteries, proper care for sensor cleaning, some DIY lens covers, and the importances of carabiners and extra tripod feet.  He also goes in depth on tripods for wildlife photographers, shooting panoramic images, and the importance of knowing your camera’s nodal point.