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Joan Bateman



Joan is an enthusiastic speaker, she has the personality and expertise to tactfully-and factfully-help clients and individuals face their biggest personal self esteem challenges; head-on. Joan is passionate about creating a positive professional reputation for photographers. She believes that photographers have a responsibility to empower and encourage their clients’ self esteem.
Joan helps individuals and photographers “create positive self esteem experiences.” With over a dozen years of experience as a photographer, psychiatric nurse, speaker, educator counselor and aesthetician, Joan will help you gain personal confidence, develop client relationships, and earn a positive reputation in your community. Her extensive knowledge, combined with a refreshing, honest and open-minded approach, makes Joan incredible and unique.

Joan’s photographic interests began as a passion while she worked as a psychiatric nurse with acute adult psychiatry in a hospital setting, as well as having her own private practice in the community. She had a special interest in anorexic and bulimic issues. She developed a therapeutic technique that utilized her camera to storyboard the inner emotions of her clients. Starting with the inner child, and working up to confidence and self esteem / control issues in adulthood. She’s discovered since giving up her private counseling practice, that these same techniques are incredibly effective in creating an environment of confidence and self esteem in clients. These techniques have made her one of the most successful portrait photography studios in Canada.

She has worked for the past 3 years as house photographer for “Couture Fashion Week,” in New York City. These events hosted at the iconic Waldorf Astoria and New Yorker Hotels.
She accepted the role of creative art director for Spotlight Magazine. This allowed her to create an extensive portfolio of celebrity work and journalistic endeavors.
Joan has travelled extensively, loves to entertain, and is a bit of a foodie. Her other interests include charitable work with orphanages in Uganda, NILMDTS and organizations devoted to the abolishment of the sex slave trade.

Whether she’s speaking with an individual, a team, or a company, Joan has a knack for inspiring confidence, professionalism, and respect. A truly unique style translated into stunning art images . Her motto is simple, ” Photography should illuminate not only the aesthetics of the subject, but it’s true character as well.”
Joan is an involved, proud and active member of the PPOC (Professional Photographers Association of Canada) as well as the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), as well as numerous other professional organizations.