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Artistry Packaging

Artistry packaging is offered in either folios or boxes. Both the folios and boxes come with prints wrapped in black tissue paper. Also, the packaging comes banded with a ribbon and has a wax-like seal applied.

  • Available on Studio Color and Lab Color orders
  • Packaging options can be found under “Additional Options” on the Order Review screen
  • Choose folios for smaller order or boxes for large orders
  • Number of boxes required is left to ACI’s discretion

Sizes include:








Folios $5.15 per order
Boxes $3.85 per box

What is the difference between a Folio and a Box?

Folios are similar to an envelope that has four flaps and overlaps to create a rich-looking package. Boxes are just that. They have a top and bottom and fit together like a nice presentation box.

What sizes will fit in the Boxes?

Boxes can fit 11×14 and smaller only.

How do I know how many boxes you will use?

We use our best judgment in deciding how many boxes to use for you images.

What if I have separate sessions on 1 order?

If ordering for multiple sessions on 1 order it can be noted in the instructions that there separate orders & to please provide so many boxes or folios of a certain size.