Go big with Photographic Banners in sizes up to 30×90. These banners are printed on traditional e-surface photographic paper, and works best with a glossy laminate applied to prevent dings and scratches.

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Where to find this product in ACI FLEX:

Main Catalog > Specialty > Banners


Five sizes up to 30×90 in size, custom sizes also available.

Paper Type


Color Correction

1 to 14 files is $1.20 per file.
15 files or more is $17.25 per quarter hour.




1-2 days

Sizes Print Print with Lamination
20×60 $50.08 $86.48
20×72 $75.12 $129.41
30×60 $84.38 $139.89
30×72 $104.97 $175.95
30×90 $126.52 $209.63

Grommets – $3.32

Are there any banner stands?

Yes, ACI does offer banner stands. Contact Customer Care if you’re interested in ordering one.

Can I order custom sizes?

Custom sizes can be ordered by ordering the next size available. Ex. I have an image 30×55, I can order it as 30×60 & use crop or fit option to make the image fit the 12” side & put white on the long sides. They can note in the instructions for us to trim to 30×55.