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Standard Photo Paper

Our standard photographic print sizes are available in two different pricing structures:

Lab Color prints are automatically color-corrected at the lab. Price breaks are available when ordering multiple Lab Color prints of the same image.

Studio Color is the more economical choice for photographers that calibrate for color at the studio. As such, the studio takes full responsibility for the color of submitted images.

Where to find this product in MyACI:

Photo>Standard Prints


Fifty-two standard print sizes up to 30×40 in size; custom sizes also available

Paper Types


Color Correction

Lab (our team individually color corrects your images) or Studio (you handle your own color management)





Canvas Texture

Linen Texture

Pebble Texture

Other Finishing Options

Clear Spray

Lustre Spray

Semi-matte Spray

Brush Strokes – Circular

Brush Stokes – Contour

Spray Texture


Dry Mount

Ultra Board

White Styrene


Canvas Only

Canvas Board

Canvas on Masonite

Canvas to Stretcher

3/4″ Standout Mount

1-1/2″ Standout Mount

Beveled Mount – Black, Gold, and Silver

Beveled Plus Mount – Black, Gold, and Silver

Masonite Board


Dark Oak

Light Oak

Black Frame

All Custom Frames


Artistry Packaging available


1-2 days

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What is the difference between Studio and Lab Color?

Studio Color means we’ll print your photos without any color correction on our end. Lab Color means we’ll color correct your images to our lab standards

How do I order a custom size?

Custom sizes can be ordered by ordering the next size available. Ex. I have an image 12×22, I can order it as 12×24 & use crop or fit option to make the image fit the 12” side & put white on the long sides. They can note in the instructions for us to trim evenly to 12×22.

How do I submit a logo?

Go to Logo Prints & follow the instructions listed for submitting a logo. It MUST be 4”x3” @ 250 dpi. It Must be in B&W or Grayscale. White will show clear, Black will be the chosen logo color, & Gray is partially opaque.

Will you cut apart separate prints if they are set up on 1 full image?

Yes! We cut up to 3 simple cuts no charge. Each cut after is $5.25 each. Simple cuts are straight across cuts. i.e. a 20×30 print with 4 5×30’s set up on it. That would be 3 straight cuts, all no charge.