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Full-service underclass department has a complete line of products and services and the years of expertise to help you understand and compete in the underclass market. We have a staff dedicated to underclass that provides year-round training and support. ACI uses PhotoLynx software.

NEW Underclass Finishing Form

In response to customer feedback, ACI has created a new ordering page for Underclass orders.  The new form is streamlined to gather all required information in order to prevent delays at the lab and contains new features to check and verify data eliminating several issues found to hold up orders.  There is also a new feature that allows you to upload your images when you place the order which works best for small to medium sized orders.
All of the previous order methods (FTP upload, Flow, ImageMatch, Quixi, etc.) are still available, but please note that the order information and images will need to be ready at the time of order.


New Underclass Finishing Form Features:

  • Log in using your acilab.com account ensures the order is linked to your account
  • Direct links to previously FTP’d or uploaded images and data ensure they are linked to the correct order
  • Immediate cross-checking between data, package definitions, and images report back any errors or discrepancies that would delay an order
  • Breadcrumb trail created as the order is built to give you more visibility as you progress through the form
  • On order completion, new backend systems begin automated procedures to expedite your order into production

New Products

Check out the specialty products that we’re offering for the 2016-2017 school year.

Underclass Products

Green Screen

Choose from ACI’s Green Screen backgrounds OR upload your CUSTOM background.

Green Screen

Prepay Flyer

Make this season smoother with
ACI’s Prepay Flyers.

Prepay Flyer

ID Card

Learn more about ID cards.

More Information

Composite Information

Let us design and print your composites.

Composite Information

Product Unit Descriptions

See all of our Underclass Product Unit Descriptions

PUD Information


OrderSchoolPix.com is a FREE Underclass web hosting and prepay site that allows you to proof to your customers in a non-branded website.
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Underclass Price Guide

Click here for the Underclass Price Guide 2016 (Sign in to view.)