We offer Colored Envelopes, see them here

Return Address Envelope Printing

We offer custom envelope printing or choose one of our fonts and do a standard return address.

These are available for selected envelope sizes in both Photo and Press

How to order:

1. Choose your envelope size & type (Standard or Custom)

2. Order the amount of envelopes to match your card quantity.

Please note: Colored envelopes can only be ordered in Press and in sets of 25.

3. If you’ve chosen the Custom, upload your design in the box (use our template for easy designing). If you’ve chosen Standard, choose your font and then type out your address. On standard envelopes, there is also a spot for an image under the return address info.

Choose from 18 standard fonts. The font will be in black to accommodate all of the envelope colors.

For your own security, we don’t recommend putting photos of your children on the front of the envelope,

Please Note: If you’re doing a Custom envelope, black works best on all envelopes. If you want more color and imagery, choose a white envelope.

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Photo/Template Prints/Cards/Printed Envelopes

Press/Printed Envelopes


1-2 days
Envelope Printing Set-Up $10.02
Envelope Printing (set of 25) $2.23
Envelope Printing (Single) $0.08


Can I print a colored image on my envelopes?

Only on the plain white envelopes.

Can I order printed envelopes singly?

Only in the Studio Color and Lab Color product catalogs. For the press area you have to order in sets of 25.

In the press section, why am I charged $9.00 then $2.00 for printing the envelopes?

The $9.00 charge is an address set up fee. It is only applies once to each separate address on your order. The $2.00 charge added to each set covers the printing costs for each set ordered.

How many font choices do we have to choose from?

We have 18 standard fonts./learn_more] 

Why is black the only option for the color?

Black will show up best on the plain and colored envelopes. It needs to be easy to read for the postal service to handle the mail.