Photo Wrap Cover

Our Photo Wrap Cover features your image or design flair wrapped around the entire album. Choose from Standard Photo or Metallic Photo Paper. The cover also includes Gloss Laminate, but Matte and Embossed Lustre Laminate upgrades are available.

Thick Pages: 5–25 Spreads | Thin Pages: 5–46 Spreads

Canvas Wrap Cover

One of our most popular covers is the Canvas Wrap. This album showcases your image or design printed on canvas and wrapped around the album size of your choice. The canvas cover includes Gloss Laminate, but Matte and Embossed Lustre Laminate upgrades are available.

Features and Options

One-Piece Construction

Both the Photo and Canvas Wrap are a beautiful one-piece construction.

Padded or Non-Padded Cover

This cover style has the option to add a padded cover. The padding will be on the front and back cover.

Cover Corners

Photo Wrap Covers are only availalbe with square corners on the cover. Canvas Wrap Covers can have round or square corners.


Thick or Thin Pages

All of our albums have the option of thick or thin pages. Thick pages are compared to a nickel and thin pages to a dime.

Page Corners

Every album has the option for round or square corners on the pages.



There are 12 different color options for gilding for any album 16×16 and smaller.



Available on Absolute, Starline, Bonded, Natural, iLeather, Coastal and Brilliant*, Allure*, Linen*, and Art Cloth*. Choose from 10 colors that match our gilding colors or choose a blind emboss.
We now have 3 fonts to choose from. Goudy Cursive, Tempo Light & Garamond
*Limited color available on marked materials.


Choose either a Gloss, Matte, or Embossed Lustre Laminate. Gloss Laminate is shown here.

Album Box

Add a beautiful Album Box to give flair to your album presentation. It can be ordered with a Standard Photo Wrap, Metallic Photo Wrap, or one of our many material options. Click here to see more.

Want to see more cover styles?

We also have a Full Material Wrap, Split, Trio, Cameo, Luminous, and Metal cover.