Curved Metal Prints

Take your Metal Prints to the next level with Curved Metal Prints.

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Where to find this product in ACI FLEX:
Main Catalog > Wall Décor > Metals > Curved Metals


4×6, 4×10, 4×12, 5×7, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×20, and 11×14

Metal Base
White, Matte, and Natural Metallic Base

Color Correction
1 to 14 files is $1 per file.
15 files or more is $16 per quarter hour.

2 days

Sizes Print
4×6 $12.41
4×10 $17.66
4×12 $19.26
5×7 $16.53
8×8 $18.73
8×10 $23.14
8×12 $28.31
10×20 $49.05
11×14 $41.13

Do the Curved Metals just have 1 curve, or can you get them in a wave?

Currently all the curved metals are available as 1 curve, either Concave or Convex.

Do the Curved Metals come in white base & natural metallic base?

Yes, like our standard metal prints both options are available.

What is the difference between the White Base & Metallic Base?

On the metallic base, anything light or white will look like metal. On the white base, the metal has a white base, so anything light of white will look white.

Are there any mounting options available for the Curved Metals?

There are no mounting options available for the Curved Metals. They are made to stand alone.

What is the largest size available for Curved Metals?

Currently the largest size we have available is 11×14.

Do I need to order an easel for the back of my curved metal print?

No, our curved metal prints will naturally sit on your desk, mantel, piano, or end tables without any additional backing. The curve will create its own standing metal product. Set many close together to give a new and modern way to showcase your family.

What is the angle the bend is at?

The angle changes depending on the size ordered. The radius of the bend is proportional to the original flat size of the print. If laid on a flat surface, the height of the print from that surface to the apex of the curve is roughly 1.5” depending on the size of the print.