Hinged Photo Panels

Hinged Photo Panels make the perfect display item for any shelf or table. Images are mounted to 1/4″ thick black wood and connected with small golden hinges. These hinges allow you to control exactly how much the panels bend. 10×7 Hinged Photo Panels are made up of two vertical 5×7 panels, and the 10×5 Hinged Photo Panels are made up of one horizontal 5×7 panel and a vertical 3.5×5 panel.



10×7 and 10×5 sizes available.

Color Correction

1 to 14 files is $1.20 per file.

15 files or more is $17.25 per quarter hour.


1-2 Days

Hinged Photo Panels
Size Price
10×7 (two 5×7 panels) $31.54
10×15 (5×7 panel and 3×5 panel) $26.61

Is the hinged photo panel a direct print?

No, it’s photo paper, mounted to a hinged wood.