Lighted Keychain with inset photo | 1-sided

Metal Dye-Sub Keychain | 2-sided

Lighted Keychain | 2×3
Metal Dye-Sub Keychain | 2.25×1.625
Color Correction
1 to 14 files is $1 per file.
15 files or more is $15 per quarter hour.
1-2 days
Sizes Price
2×3 Lighted Keychain $3.80
Metal Dye-Sub Keychain 1-up $8.80
Metal Dye-Sub Keychain 2-up $16.14

Are the keychains two sided, and can I have a different image on the opposite side?

Our light up keychains are only one sided, however our metal keychains are two sided and you can pick two different images.