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OrderSportsPix.com is a FREE web hosting site for sports photographers that allows your customers to prepay, view proofs and reorder all from the comfort of home. Features include: prepay for all sports sessions, online reorders, and bulk ordering (online proofing of your images). This makes the order process almost effortless and it is completely FREE!

Click here to view the page that your customers will use to log in



The prepay option allows your subjects to go to your OrderSportsPix.com URL and pay for their orders ahead of time. No worries about bounced checks or missing cash. Your client will get a 5-digit code as a confirmation to put on their order form for you. Log into to any computer or device to verify all of your orders. Set up all your prepay sports online so they’re ready to go ahead of time and display a message letting them know the deadline for prepaying for their orders.



Your initial sports order will come to ACI, we will then print and sort your orders into packaging envelopes with your studio’s information, letting the subjects know they can order more prints by visiting your OrderSportsPix URL and entering their password. This option makes reordering pictures much easier, as your customers can place orders from home or even on their mobile device! These orders will ship directly to your customers in a non-branded packaging box.



Bulk orders are online proofing. Forget about printing those proofing envelopes and having to wait for the envelopes to return and ship them back to the lab. Reduce your time by choosing bulk proofing online. ACI will upload your printable images and print out a Proofing Password slate for each subject (the slate lets each individual know to view their images and order from your OrderSportsPix site with their password). After your customers place their orders online, the orders will upload to the lab to be printed & shipped to the studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see what my customer will see on reorders or bulk orders?

Login as photographer to www.ordersportspix.com under your schools name you can click on the Students and view. This will allow you to view as your customer would see their ordering screen.

Will each subject be password protected?

Yes! You can either assign the passwords and send it in the sports data with you order.

Can my customers copy my images from the OrderSportsPix site?

Your customers are unable to right click on your images, that function has been disabled. You can also add a watermark to your images for more protection.

Are customers able to share a link to their own ordering page?

Yes, they are able to share you URL and their password information, giving other the opportunity to order.

Can I use a different price list for each sport?

Yes. you create multiple price lists, offering the products you choose from a master list.

How do I get my packaging envelope to print with the URL and password?

When you set up your account, tell customer service the verbiage you would like to use on your envelope. We will create an envelope for you studio and email you a proof of its appearance.

Stripe or PayPal, which should I choose?

Stripe:   · Easy free set-up · Only 1 account type available · Low transaction fees · Users make payments on our page · Funds are transferred to your bank account automatically · Allows you to send test to confirm the funds are being transferred correctly. PayPal: · Must be a “business account” · Can be Payments Standard account (free) or Payments Pro (charge for this) · Must verify your Paypal account (can take 2-3 days) · Low transaction fees · User is transferred to PayPal to proceed with their credit card transaction · Funds are transferred to your business PayPal account

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