Chris Wooley

Certified Professional Photographer


Chris Wooley loves helping photographers learn and grow while embracing the community of our industry. He strongly believes in helping others understand the “why” of the different techniques and technical approaches.

Chris is a commercial and portrait artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. Notably, he specializes in retro-inspired Pin-Up Portraits, creating promotional portfolios for actors and models, and working with small businesses to create effective advertising assets. He runs his studio with his wife Rachel. 

Accomplishments include the Professional Photographers of America Craftsman degree, Certified Professional Photographer Status, CPP Liaison, Council Member, American Society of Professional Photographers Member, Past-President of the Professional Photographers of Washington, Fellow Degree from the Professional Photographers of Washington, National Award Recipient, as well as multiple image awards, including the Fuji Masterpiece Award and American Color Imaging Excellence award. 

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