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Memory Books

Hinged Memory Book

Features pages that are hinged, allowing the pages to lay flat.


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Memory Books are one of ACI’s most versatile product. See the details


Cover Options

Did you know there are MULTIPLE cover options available for Memory Books? See them all




Up-sell Memory Books with features like page gilding and cover embossing. See all of the features





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 Memory Books

Memory Books are available in vertical, horizontal, and square formats. We offer several different cover types including softcover, photo wrap, velveteen, art cloth, and multiple leathers. Also, there are many template options for pages and covers. To wrap it all up, there is gilding for the pages and foil embossing can be applied on many of the cover options.

Memory Books are available in 2 options, Hinged and non-hinged.  Hinged allows the page to lay flat.  If your book has mostly spreads, this is the option to choose.  Non-hinged is a magazine style book which does not lay flat.  Roughly 1/8” of the printed page will be bound into the spine.  Any content close the binding edge will not be seen. We suggest choosing, “score-flat” for non-hinged Memory Books. This will allow your pages to open easier.

For binding purposes, each memory book requires a minimum of 20 pages/sides (10 physical pages front and back) to be ordered.

Maximum Number of Pages:

100# Text – 100 pages

All other paper types – 70 pages.

You can now order the Hinged Memory Books in SPREADS! Download our new templates below.

PLEASE NOTE: These books start with a single page on the right and end with a single page on the left. Even when you are ordering as spreads.




3×3, 5×5, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 2.5×3.5, 3×8, 3.5×7, 3.5×9, 4×5, 4×6,

4×8, 4.25×11, 5×10, 5.25×7, 5.5×14, 6×8, 6×12, 7×9, 8×10, 8.5×11, and 11×14


3×3, 5×5, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10, 2.5×3.5, 3×8, 3.5×7, 3.5×9, 4×5, 4×6,

4×8, 4.25×11, 5×10, 5.25×7, 6×8, 7×9, 8×10, and 8.5×11

Paper Types

100# Text

100# Heavyweight

100# Heavyweight – Elite Lustre

100# Heavyweight – Linen

105# Heavyweight – Pearl

80# Heavyweight – Watercolor

Hinged – 100# Heavyweight

Hinged – 100# Heavyweight Elite Lustre

Hinged – 105# Heavyweight – Pearl

Color Correction

$15 per ¼hour or $5 to check color

Texture Options

Canvas Texture

Linen Texture

Pebble Texture

Coating Options

UV Coating

Color Upgrade

HD 6-Color


3 Days

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Is there a minimum amount of pages that have to be ordered?

Yes. There is a 20 page minimum. This will ensure that your book looks good.

Can I order Memory Books as spreads?

Memory Books may be ordered as spreads. PLEASE NOTE: your first and last page still need to be single pages.

Memory Book Cover Options

Besides choosing a Photo Cover, there are several cover options listed below.

Art Cloth

Black Sable



Grape Jelly

Shady Spruce


Misty Morning


 Slate Black

Bing Cherry


Pacific Walnut







Black Suede


Blue Breeze


Dark Ruby


Old Rose


Patriot Grey


Pink Lemonade


Sapphire Blue




Premium Leather



True Black









Navy Blue


Roasted Red

Memory Book Features

Customize your Memory Book with these features


There are 12 different color options for gilding and we can gild any book 16×16 and smaller.


We offer embossing as an add on to any album. Choose from 12 different colors that match our gilding colors or choose a blind emboss.

Padded or Non-Padded

The Art Cloth, Leather, Velveteen, Premium Leather, and Starline Memory Books have the option to add a padded cover. The padding will be on the front and back cover.