PSD Product Masks for Marketing Purposes
To use these Product Masks for your marketing, click on the product below to download the PSD and follow these quick, easy steps:

  • Open your image and using the “Move” tool, drop your image into the PSD Product Mask.
  • Move your image layer above the “Paste Into Layer”.
  • Hold down the Alt key on a PC (Option key on a Mac), hover your mouse between your image layer and the “Paste Into Layer”, and little icon or down arrow will appear. When that appears, click with your mouse. Your image should drop into the clipping mask. (You can also create this clipping mask by having your image layer selected and holding down Crtl, Alt, G on a PC or Command, Option, G on a Mac.)
  • Free transform your image to fit within the clipping mask. For a more customized look, use the “Layer Style” options and add a drop shadow.

Accordion Book – 3×3
Accordion Book – 4×8
Artistry Accordion Books
Artistry Cards
Artistry Magnet
Curved Metals
Dimensional Art
Econo-Layflat Albums
Float Wrap
Fabric Banner
Image Box With Photowrap Panel
Image Folio
Gallery Wrap
Gallery Wrap Cluster
Gallery Wrap Tri-Panel
Key Chains
Metal – Single Metal Float Frame
Metal – Double Metal Float Frame
Riveli Albums
Wallet Tin – Natural Metallic Base
Wallet Tin – White Base
Underclass Products

Other Files
Event Mate Layouts (4.15 MB ZIP) – Adobe Photoshop required Contains PSD templates for creating custom Event Mate / Memory Mate backgrounds in E-Special Events
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Reference Images
Studio Reference Image


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