Photographic Print

Float Wrap

Elevate Your Photos with a Unique, Dimensional Look

Give your images a distinctive, pop-out appearance with our Float Wraps. These prints are meticulously mounted to a padded board, adding dimension and depth to your photos. For an off-the-wall look, a wooden hanging block is applied to the back, making it appear as though your images are floating.

Versatile Display Options

Our Float Wraps can also be ordered without padding or a hanging block mount. This option provides a sturdy, wrapped print perfect for easel displays or other creative presentations.

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Where to Find Float Wraps in ACI FLEX

Navigate to: Main Catalog > Wall Décor > Float Wraps

Experience the superior quality and versatility of our Float Wraps, designed to give your images an eye-catching, dimensional look that truly stands out.

Sizes: Available in thirteen standard sizes up to 16×24 inches.

Paper Types: Choose between E-Surface or Metallic paper.

Laminate Options: Lustre Laminate, Matte Laminate

Mounting Options: Wood Hanging Block for a float effect.

Turnaround Time: 1-2 days

Sizes Wood Hanging Block Matte Laminate Upgrade Metallic Paper Upgrade
5×5  $27.81 $0.42 $0.77
5×7  $30.60 $0.42 $0.77
8×8  $33.38 $0.49 $1.60
8×10 $34.77 $0.49 $1.60
8.5×11 $41.73 $0.49 $4.04
10×10 $43.95 $0.56 $4.31
10×20 $66.76 $0.56 $7.37
10×24 $75.62 $0.95 $8.43
11×14  $52.78 $0.71 $5.15
12×12 $50.42 $0.71 $5.15
16×16 $77.53 $0.84 $7.51
16×20 $77.20 $0.98 $0.64
16×24 $97.37 $1.10 $9.45

How do I hang my float wrap?

On the back, you’ll notice notches in the mounting. Use these as guides to place your nails in the wall, then hang your float wrap using the nails.

What type of paper do the Float Wraps come in?

Our Float Wraps are available in either E-Surface or Metallic Paper.

Are the Float Wraps laminated?

Yes, you can choose either a Glossy or a Matte Laminate.

Is the standout mount included?

Mounting is an option with the Wood Hanging Block.