Specialty Products

Metal Float Frames

ACI has taken Metal Float Frames to a completely new level!

With 4 choices of the finest moulding, you can customize your Metal Print to perfection.

Frame choices include: White Wedge P2021, Silver Wedge P2008, Black Wedge P2020, and Mocha Wedge P2005.

Single Metal Float Frame features your image, printed on Metal and mounted inside a frame.

Single Metal Frame Features your image in the back of the float frame.

Double Metal Float Frame includes two metal prints of the same image, with the top metal being smaller and mounted on top of the back metal. See pictures for more details.


Sizes: Single Metal Float Prints in sizes up to 20×24, Double Metal Float Prints in sizes up to 24×28 for the back metal and 20×24 for the front metal, and Single Metal Prints in sizes up to 24×28.

Metal Types:

  • White
  • Matte
  • Natural Metallic Base

Color Correction:

  • 1 to 14 files is $1.25 per file.
  • 15 files or more is $18.25 per quarter hour.

Frame Moulding Options: Black Float Frame G7551 and Thin Charcoal Gray Float Frame GN1814

Float Frame Options: Float Frames are available in Silver, White, Black, and Mocha. These frames are 1.75″ in depth. For a Single Float Frame there is a .25″ opening on all sides between the Metal Print and the frame while the Double Float Frame has a 2″ opening on all sides between the smaller metal print and the frame.

Turnaround: 2 days

Single Metal Print Float Frame
Metal Size Price
12×12 $156.96
12×24 $241.74
16×16 $216.45
16×20 $247.98
20×20 $289.56
20×24 $327.33
Single Metal In Back of Float Frame
Metal Size Price
14×14 $181.34
14×26 $278.24
20×20 $277.20
20×24 $313.01
24×24 $361.17
24×28 $373.87
Double Metal Print Float Frame
Back Metal Front Metal Price
14×14 12×12 $235.16
14×26 12×24 $395.47
20×20 16×16 $373.41
20×24 16×20 $430.12
20×28 16×24 $488.80
24×24 20×20 $497.46
24×28 20×24 $576.46

What is the difference between white base and metallic base?

On the metallic base, anything light or white will look like metal. On the white base, the metal has a white base, so anything light of white will look white.