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Design Studio

We’ll design your albums for you!


EventProofs.com is a web hosting site allowing your customers to proof their images on a white-label (non-branded) website. It also has a powerful feature that you can utilize, Design Studio (an album design software).

Your customers can place orders from the comfort of their home and share their watermarked favorites through email.

visit www.eventproofs.com

Design Studio

Save time by letting us design your album. Choose your favorite images from a gallery in EventProofs.com, submit a design request, request revisions to the design, approve the design and order your album.




We’re here to answer any of your questions about EventProofs.com and Design Studio. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Video Tutorials

Get a jump start on EventProofs.com and Design Studio with these video tutorials.


EventsProofs.com Pricing

Design Studio

ACI is excited to offer Design Studio, an amazing service that allows you to put your album and book designs in very capable hands. With 50 years of experience supporting the professional photography industry, we are taking that to a whole new level.

Design Studio will give you some amazing flexibility, high end design and quick turn around all in one package. You upload your images, pick a design style and we design your album in 3-5* business days or less. Your client has the ability to see a proof online, make notes or request changes and give you the final say. This process is a great time saver and allows you and your client the ability to easily collaborate, with up to three rounds of revisions. Design fees start at $60 and include up to three free rounds of revisions.

Once all the album specs and design are approved, the order is easily sent through our ordering system and produced in a 2-3 business days.

Color correction is included in the design.

How Design Studio will help improve sales:
• Designs are completed within 3-5* business days, so your client will see their layout shortly after selecting the photos.
• Choose from over 70 leather options and up-sell a cameo or other amazing design accents
• Sell companion albums to parents and grandparents: Once the album is designed, easily order companion albums that are the same or smaller sizes.

*Design times can vary during the holiday season and book/album sale times.

Album Design Samples

Every Album Design that we do is custom and unique for you. We follow some general guidelines based on one of the three styles you can choose from. To learn more about the styles and to see samples, click here.


How can I see what my customer will see on EventProofs.com?

Go to www.eventproofs.com and click on DEMO in the bottom right corner.

Will my gallery be password protected?

Passwords are optional. You choose the event name and password.

Can my customers copy my images from the event proofs site?

Your customers are unable to right click on your images, that function has been disabled. You can also add a watermark to your images for more protection.

Are customers able to share a link to their galleries?

Yes, they are able to share their password information and even send links to their favorite images via email.

Are customers able to place orders through this site?

Yes. You create your price list offering the products you choose from a master list. You can also set up multiple price lists for different events.

How long will my event be online on Event Proofs?

6 months. You may choose to extend an event 3 months, for an additional $10.

Why Stripe is preferred over Pay Pal?



· Easy free set-up

· Only 1 account type available

· Low transaction fees

· Users make payments on our page

· Funds are transferred to your bank account automatically

· Allows you to send test to confirm the funds are being transferred correctly.


· Must be a “business account”

· Can be Payments Standard account (free) or Payments Pro (charge for this)

· Must verify your Paypal account (can take 2-3 days)

· Low transaction fees

· User is transferred to PayPal to proceed with their credit card transaction

· Funds are transferred to your business PayPal account


How much is a design?

• 20 spreads- $60

• $3 per additional spread

What type of designs do you do and can I see samples?

• All types! Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, events, seniors, babies, families, kids and many more! Click here to see samples.

How should I send my images?

• High resolution JPG files

• Using Event Proofs, upload entire archives and use our favorites feature to create multiple image lists for your album designs or upload just the images you want in your design.

• If this is an event, the images should be in chronological order. The design will be laid out in the order your images are submitted.

• If you have images you would like to use as backgrounds only, please label them, within the name of the file with BKG.

Color correction is included in your design fee. If you choose not to have your images color corrected, and then later decide you want the images color corrected after the design is complete, there will be a $60 charge for color correcting and rebuilding the design.

How long until I see my design?

• You will receive an email with a link to your design proof in 3-5 days.

• To see view your proof: log onto eventproofs.com > Galleries > Album Design > Review

• To send a link to your customer: log onto eventproofs.com > Galleries > Album Design>  find the album name > under left drop down menu select send link

What are my revision options?

• 3 free rounds of revisions (unlimited changes each round)

• $20 per round after 3

How long until I see my album after it is approved?

• 3 day turnaround time for all books and albums

• Free ground standard shipping in the U.S.

• $6.50 for drop shipping via USPS

How long will my online proof be available?

• Your proof will remain active until your event expires. Your event will need to be extended after 6 months. It is $10 to extend for another 3 months.

• You are able to order additional albums at any time while the event is posted, by going to your presentation in Eventproofs and selecting “order additional albums” located on the bottom right corner of your monitor.


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