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Foil Press Cards

Personalized Dynamic Foil is only offered at ACI!

No more using standard foil card templates that other photographers are using as well. With Personalized Dynamic Foil, you determine what text and elements of your design are in foil, and that’s how we will print it. Personalized Dynamic Foil will make your custom designs shine on Postcards, Folding Cards, Flat Artistry Cards, or Folding Artistry Cards this season!

Creating your Personalized Dynamic Foil is easy! In Photoshop design your card using the PSD guides, and save out JPGs of the printed file as well as the seperate foil file. Upload to MyACI and choose your foil color. You can download our instruction guide here or watch a tutorial video here. If you are creating foil borders on your card, click here to watch how to set up these files.

Postcard Sizes




Folding Card Sizes

4.25×5.5 Bi-fold

5×5 Bi-Fold

5×7 Bi-Fold

Artistry Card Sizes



Folding Artistry Card Sizes

4×5 Bi-fold, Tri-Fold, and Quad-Fold

5×5 Tri-Fold and Quad-Fold

7×5 Tri-Fold

Paper Types

100# Heavyweight


Soft Touch Laminate

Color Upgrade

HD 6-Color

Foil Options




Rose Gold

Color Correction

$1 per file


Plain White Included

Linen and Colored Envelopes are available as an upgrade


2–3 days


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Can I put foil on both sides of my card?

No, foil can only be applied to the front side of your card.

Why is Soft Touch Laminate included?

ACI’s specialized process for foil printing must have the Soft Touch Laminate applied to the card.

How do I set up my files for the Personalized Dynamic Foil?

You can download an instruction guide here or watch a video tutorial here.

Are envelopes included?

Yes, envelopes are included at no extra cost to you. You can upgrade to Linen or Colored Envelopes for an additional price.

Can I round the corners on my postcard?

Yes, you can check the option in ROES to have the corners rounded.

Can I write on the Soft Touch Laminate that is applied to the Foil Press Cards?

Yes. Based on our tests, ball point pens work the best.

What size should my font be for foil?

We recommend keeping your font size at 16 pt. or larger for bolder fonts. Keep in mind that very thin fonts will not foil well. Thin fonts will need to be at least 4 pixels thick or larger.

How thin can I make lines for foil in my design?

Lines or strokes should be 4 pixels or larger for foil.

Can I border my image with foil in my design?

Of course! Keep in mind there could be up to 1/16 of an inch of shifting when printing. Make sure that the image layer and foil layer overlap some to eliminate concern of there being a gap in the design. Click here to watch a video about foil borders.


The Foil Card process is a two-step printing process. We do the best we can to align the foil printing with your press printed image, and as we do with all of our press cards, there is a 1/16 of an inch tolarance that is allowed for shifting.