Photographic Print

Double-Sided Prints

Double-Sided Prints are an excellent way to maximize the impact of your prints, offering customers the opportunity to make the most of every inch of space on their prints. Printing on both sides allows for increased versatility in displaying the prints, whether it’s in an Image Box to showcase both sides simultaneously or framed for easy flipping whenever a change is desired.

Having three premium paper types to choose from—Standard, Metallic, and Vintage Silk Photo Paper—provides customers with options to match their desired aesthetic and style. Whether they prefer a classic look and feel, a touch of shimmer and depth, or a soft, matte finish with a vintage vibe, there’s a paper type to suit their preferences.

Additionally, mounting each print onto a piece of White Styrene ensures durability and stability, further enhancing the overall presentation and longevity of the prints. 

Sizes: Three standard sizes available up to 11×14 in size.

Paper Types: 

  • Standard Photo Paper
  • Metallic Photo Paper
  • Vintage Silk Photo Paper

Color Correction

  • 1 to 14 files is $1.25 per file.
  • 15 files or more is $18.25 per quarter hour.

Coating Options: 

  • Clear Coating
  • Lustre Coating
  • Semi-Matte Coating

Turnaround: 1 Day

5 X 7  – Standard Photo Paper $6.86
8 X 10  – Standard Photo Paper $13.09
11 X 14  – Standard Photo Paper $27.41
5 X 7  – Metallic Photo Paper $7.47
8 X 10  – Metallic Photo Paper $14.49
11 X 14  – Metallic Photo Paper $30.13
5 X 7  – Vintage Silk Photo Paper $7.38
8 X 10 – Vintage Silk Photo Paper $14.29
11 X 14  – Vintage Silk Photo Paper $29.77

Why are there only three sizes available?

In order to keep the prices as economical as possible, we only offer three sizes.

What material are these prints mounted on?

We mount these on white styrene.