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Return Adress Envelope Printing

Ordering custom envelope printing or selecting a standard return address is simple with our streamlined process. Start by selecting your desired envelope size and type, whether it’s Standard or Custom. Next, ensure you order the correct quantity of envelopes to match your card quantity. If you’ve opted for Custom envelopes, upload your design directly into the provided box. We offer a template to make designing easy. For Standard envelopes, choose from our selection of 18 standard fonts and type out your address. Additionally, for Standard envelopes, there’s an option to include an image under the return address information.

Please keep in mind:

  • Colored envelopes are only available for Press cards and can be ordered in sets of 25.
  • For Custom envelopes, black text is recommended for optimal visibility on all envelope colors. If you prefer more color and imagery, consider choosing a white envelope.
  • For security reasons, we advise against including photos of children on your envelope designs.


  • 5.25×7.25
  • 4.25×8.25
  • 4.125×7.5
  • 4.5×6.5
  • 4.25×6.25
  • 5.25×8.25


  • 4.5×6.5
  • 5.25×7.25

Metal Base:

  • Natural Metallic Base
  • White Base

Color Correction:

  • 1 to 14 files is $1.25 per file.
    15 files or more is $18.25 per quarter hour.

Turnaround: 1-2 days

Envelope Printing Set-Up $12.16
Envelope Printing (set of 25) $2.78
Envelope Printing (Single) $0.12

Can I print a colored image on my envelopes?

Only on the plain white envelopes.

In the press section, why am I charged $11.58 then $2.58 for printing the envelopes?

The $11.58 charge is an address set up fee. It is only applied once to each separate address on your order. The $2.58 charge added to each set covers the printing costs for each set ordered.

How many font choices do we have to choose from?

We have several standard fonts.

Why is black the only option for the color?

Black will show up best on the plain and colored envelopes. It needs to be easy to read for the postal service to handle the mail.