Specialty Products

Specialty Prints

We offer an extensive selection of specialty prints specifically designed for sports and underclass themes. From tickets to memory mates, calendars, press pennants, magazine covers, and trader cards.

The flexibility we provide with the option to choose from pre-designed templates or create custom designs caters to a wide range of preferences among our customers. Some may prefer the convenience and efficiency of ready-made templates, while others may seek to add their unique touch and branding to their prints.

This level of customization not only allows customers to tailor their prints to reflect team spirit, individual achievements, or school identity but also encourages creativity and personalization, making the prints even more meaningful and memorable for the recipients.


  • Mini Ticket
  • Big Ticket
  • Poster
  • Border Print
  • Memory Mate
  • Calendar
  • Press Pennant
  • Magazine Cover
  • Trader Cards
  • Award Plaques

 Color Correction:

  • 1 to 14 files is $1.25 per file.
  • 15 files or more is $18.25 per quarter hour.

Turnaround: 1-2 days

Product Price
Mini Ticket 4up $2.89
10×30 Big Ticket $17.82
11×17 Press Poster – min order of 5 $11.50
5×7 Border Print $1.32
8×10 Memory Mate $2.37
10×13 Memory Mate $4.95
6×9 Calendar $2.22
10×8 Calendar $2.37
8×18 Press Pennant $10.53
8×10 Magazine Cover $2.37
Trader Card 8up 2 sided $6.89
Award Plaque $24.99