Press Products

HD 6-Color Printing

HD 6-Color Printing represents a significant enhancement in press printing technology by leveraging six distinct color inks—cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, and green. This expanded color palette allows for a broader color gamut, enabling more vibrant and accurate color representation compared to traditional four-color printing processes. The addition of orange and green inks specifically helps in achieving smoother color transitions, deeper color saturation, and greater detail in printed images.

This technology is particularly beneficial for applications where color quality and detail are paramount, such as high-end brochures, marketing materials, and photographic reproductions. HD 6-Color Printing can be applied to any press product, offering a versatile upgrade option through the onPrint Pro online ordering software provided by American Color Imaging.

For those looking to implement this technology, it’s available at an additional cost and can be selected as an upgrade during the order process, ensuring that your press products stand out with exceptional color depth and detail.

To Upgrade: Click the hd 6-Color Upgrade option when ordering via onPrint Pro.